Specialist Finishes

From feature walls with standard colours to specialist types of paint such as Porters special finishes. Included in this list, but not limited to are styles like Fresco, French wash and products that replicate rusted iron, aging bronze, copper and zinc which can be used on feature walls, outdoor garden pots and statues.

Porters special finishes give texture and effect. For example; Fresco which is a hard-wearing finish is designed to replicate the cool lustre of trowelled plaster seen on walls of European buildings. This is ideal for a reception area or lobby and can add a touch of style to any room in your home as a feature wall.  

Dulux also has numerous specialty finishes similar to Porters, which can give any room a lift as a stylish feature.

The special finish paint services and techniques are always growing. Contact us to see the full current list.